January 19th, 2019



The January 19th, 2019 was held at the Belle Petroleum Centre, in Peace River, Alberta.



Chris Thiessen




Chris Thiessen is a festival promoter, emcee personality, children’s entertainer, environmentalist, social justice advocate and City Councillor for the City of Grande Prairie.  Ever standing tall and speaking loudly, Chris is a multidimensional human being with a propensity to think outside the box on his quest to promote and create positive change within his local and global community.

Time for a Change is a short and experiential exploration of how the simple act of changing your calendar can revolutionize how your mind and reality functions, adding meaning to your days and multiplying the synchronicities in your life, by re-attuning to the natural measurement of time.



Lindsey McNeil



Currently completing a Master of Arts in Holocaust & Genocide Studies through Stockton University in New Jersey, Lindsey McNeil is passionate about human rights, and the preservation of Holocaust History. Lindsey has had the opportunity to travel to the Czech Republic and Germany as part of an intensive field study trip at a former Nazi ghetto and recently began a partnership with the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Centre in Philadelphia to interview  and record survivor testimonials.

Chocolate in Auschwitz draws on Lindsey’s experiences in Holocaust education to share with the audience a story of loss, survival and what it truly means to be an ambassador of truth.



China Sieger



China Sieger is on a mission to realize the potential of restorative communities as far as she can reach within and beyond the valley of Peace River, Alberta.  China is the Program Coordinator for Peace Regional Restorative Justice (PRRJ), a community-based restorative justice organization.  Together with a dedicated team of community volunteers, China has led the development of PRRJ since its inception in late 2015.  She has nine years experience as a restorative justice facilitator and holds a Restorative Justice Certificate from Simon Fraser University.  China sits on the Alberta Restorative Justice Association Board of Directors and is a licensed trainer of restorative conferences with the International Institute for Restorative Practices.



Erinn Bosch


Erinn Bosch TEDx bio photo


Erinn Bosch is a self-employed Digital Marketing Specialist who is committed to learning and improving her skill set. Owner of Mom Wears Hiking Boots Adventure Co, she encourages people to take risks and enjoy life to its fullest potential through authentic sharing on her social media platforms.
Prior to becoming a mother to her three sons and foster daughter, Erinn spent many years working with at-risk youth. Upon becoming a full time stay at home mom, Erinn realized she could still help others through digital marketing while creating her own successful blog and website which continues to grow and evolve. Primarily, Erinn has a great deal of passion for working with small business owners, aiding in building content for their social media platforms.
Erinn, her husband Chase and their four children live in the small town of Turner Valley, nestled in the Southern Alberta foothills. Their proximity to the mountains is an absolute highlight, as their entire family is quite enthusiastic about camping and adventuring. If Erinn isn’t driving her children to their activities, she can be found hiking at every available opportunity, or simply reading, writing or behind the lens of a camera. She also dabbles with drawing, music and various outdoor pursuits.
For the majority of her adult life, Erinn has struggled with food. With forty right around the corner, she knew it was time to make some changes. Throughout the last year, Erinn has had amazing results with regards to health and fitness while working with a personal trainer at a local gym. This inspired her to also begin to learn the basics of both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. This in conjunction with a drastic change in the way she viewed food and nutrition, was the recipe for long sought after success.
Through her transformation, Erinn challenges our deeply entrenched habits with her contagious passion and positive outlook. She inspires and motivates us all to take action, while showing us that incremental changes can lead to monumental shifts.



Jimmy Lefebvre


Version 1

Jimmy Lefebvre is a father of four, husband, and serial entrepreneur, philanthropist,
Proctor Gallagher Certified Consultant, Licensed Insurance Advisor, Pro Natural
Bodybuilder, consultant, author and motivational speaker.
Jimmy works successfully with individuals, groups and companies to uncover their true
potential and deepest desires and goals, while guiding them on a path to ensure they reach that potential along with their personal and professional goals. He has been studying personal performance, growth and leadership for more than 10 years and he is ecstatic that he has the ability to inspire and help others to live happier, healthier and more abundant lives.
Jimmy has excelled at business for the past 15 years in multiple fields, from oilfield
construction, sales, real estate, coaching, personal development to insurance and financial services.  His background is as diverse as they come which helps him communicate effectively with any audience.
Jimmy is intensely growth and goal oriented person who is passionate about giving back
and helping others fulfill their dreams. His love and passion for business and teaching
people how to think into results, helping businesses scale to the next stage of development is what drives him and gives his life purpose and meaning.
Jimmy is the Founder and Director of Apex Results Inc., a results driven training
organization that helps individuals produce powerful and measurable results in work and in life.  Utilizing a combination of the latest research and components of the Proctor Gallagher , along with cutting edge marketing strategies to deliver programs to individuals, teams, and motivated business owners, they can improve productivity, double their sales, expand to new markets and live life on purpose.



Reema Shah





Reema Shah is a trauma therapist in Northern Alberta. She works with survivors of sexual violence with an emphasis on social roles and power.



Matthew Oostvogels




A former combat soldier, turned kindergarten teacher, turned college instructor, Matthew Oostvogels has endeavored to blend his unique past experiences with his passion for education and international development in a meaningful way.  Having worked alongside General Roméo Daillaire in the “Veteran Trainers to Eradicate the Use of Child Soldiers program,” Matthew turned his sights to the reality of children being used as weapons of war in global conflicts. From this, Teach Peace Development, a not-for-profit organization, whose mandate focuses on the prevention of child soldier recruitment through teacher professional development opportunities, was founded. Currently, Matthew is using a recent trip to Uganda as his springboard to bring training to teachers in Africa.

Life is a journey, and the diversity in Matthew’s past has taught him many lessons in inter-connectivity and purpose. Now, more than ever, he understands the power in the words of Nelson Mandela; “Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can use to change the world.”




2017 Speakers

The listed 2017 speaker lineup will be providing an encore presentation at the January 19th, 2019 event in Peace River, AB.


Dave Doyle


dave boyle

WTFun is the key to happiness?

A well known PMA (positive mental attitude) professor, author and business owner in our community shares an idea on happiness never suggested!


Shannon Neuman


shannon neuman

Divorce, there is a different way to do it!  Shannon unexpectedly and unintentionally gained the attention across North America with their famous “Divorce Selfie” of her and now ex-husband Chris which ended up on the Huffington Post in 2015. Talk about redefining divorce!!


Ejibola Adetokunbo-Taiwo


ejibola tedx


Ejibola is a Pan-African Entrepreneur. An advocate for Women empowerment through entrepreneurship. Ejibola is the Founder and Chief Entrepreneur Executive of Made by Africans Inc.; Founder of the Ejibola E.AT Collections, and Founder of W.E Hustle in Heels a platform that provides a tribe of diverse women hustlers (with significant emphasis on Immigrant women and the re-discovery of self in a new environment called home – Canada) an avenue to connect, relate, share and inspire each other and grow women leaders despite their busy hustling entrepreneurial journey.

Ejibola is one of the most recognisable young leaders in Grande Prairie, Alberta carrying the message of enterprise and leadership to inspire hope and faith in women most especially women entrepreneurs and new immigrant women. Her mantra is building local to go global.
Ejibola is an alumnus of the Dalhousie University in Halifax, the Sprott School of Business in Ottawa, Olabisi Onabanjo University and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria. Ejibola is a member of the City of Grande Prairie‘s Community Enhancement Advisory Committee. She works full-time as Coordinator of the Grande Prairie’s Regional Innovation Network.


Tanya Mah




When Exercise & Fitness just doesn’t make you feel enough. What will it take to go from ordinary to being extraordinary? How does one feel “enough” in a world where ever changing fitness fads, goals and social media, contribute to the exhausting pursuit of being perfect.


Kelly Armatage


kelly armatage

Owner of a Therapy and Coaching practice based in London, England. Kelly has counseled individuals and companies globally. Her approach has shown incredible results and currently her method is being duplicated in the U.S Kelly has over 10,000 sessions under her belt.